Gippsland and Hume

Latrobe Community Health Service

Information and resources

  • Gippsland Pharmacotherapy Network
    Overview of news, resources and education
  • Gippsland HealthPathways
    Web-based information portal supporting primary care clinicians to plan patient care – includes a variety of pathways in opioid management, naloxone, prescription shopping, pain management and alcohol and other drugs.

Clinical support and advice

  • Rural Addiction Medicine Pharmacotherapy Specialist (RAMPS)
    Primarily a tele-health secondary consult service with a dedicated time slot of Friday 11.30am to 12.30pm. Other times available on request. Accessed through the RAMPS nurse via referral.
  • GP Mentor
    Phone or face-to-face consult and presentations depending on clinical need. Accessed through Pharmacotherapy Coordinator.
  • Pharmacist
    Mentor support and advice for pharmacists regarding managing patients on opioids or ORT.
  • RAMPS Nurse
    Coordinates the RAMPS service.

Education and training

Access to opioid pharmacotherapy training including:


ManagersSean Taylor-Lyons
Elizabeth Plunkett
0458 693 094
5136 5431
0409 588 415
RAMPS Clinical NurseLynne Jephcott5136 5235
0407 533 980
PharmacistElizabeth Plunkett As above
Addiction Medicine SpecialistDr. David Jacka
Dr.Lynn Hawken
Via RAMPS clinical nurse