PIP QI – Improving opioid management and reducing risk

February 3, 2020
By Katrina Martin

What is PIP QI?

The Australian Government’s new Practice Incentives Program – Quality Improvement (PIP QI) came into effect on 1 August 2019. The PIP QI Incentive rewards practices for participating in continuous quality improvement activities in partnership with their local PHN.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible to receive a PIP QI payment general practices must work with their local Primary Health Network (PHN) to:

  • register for PIP QI,
  • provide the PIP Eligible Data Set (10 Improvement Measures) to your PHN, and
  • undertake continuous quality improvement activities in partnership with your local Primary Health Network (PHN).

Practices may focus their quality improvement activities on the ten improvement areas mentioned above, or they may choose to focus on areas that have been informed by their clinical information system data and meet the needs of their practice population. Improving opioid management in a practice population is one such example.

PIP QI and Opioid Stewardship

Your local PHN is able to assist practices who wish to carry out a quality improvement activity addressing opioid stewardship in your practice. Western Victoria PHN (WVPHN) has developed a Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycle entitled “Improving Opioid Management and Reducing Risk”.

The PDSA cycle aims to reduce risk to patients, practitioners and the practice by performing medication reviews on patients at risk of opioid-related harms. The PDSA details the steps to identifying at-risk patients, education and supports available to prescribing clinicians, and practical methods to reduce risk. Information is provided to support GPs to taper opioid doses or commence opioid replacement therapy (ORT) where appropriate. Your local PHN practice support team will assist you to undertake the quality improvement activities in your practice. The template can be found under the list of ‘Sample PDSAs’ on the WVPHN website.

More information

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Katrina Martin is Practice Facilitator at Western Victoria Primary Health Network.