Changing Lanes video resources

March 10, 2020
By Tim Griffiths

Changing Lanes is a series of four short videos made for and by people who are considering or are already on methadone or buprenorphine in Victoria. They are also a useful tool for health practitioners providing services to people seeking treatment for opioid dependence. These videos were developed by Harm Reduction Victoria (HRV) PAMS service with assistance from the Pharmacotherapy Area Based Networks.

The four videos are:
Episode 1 Deciding to go on treatment
Episode 2 Accessing treatment
Episode 3 Organising life around treatment
Episode 4 Treatment goals

The videos are free to use and share, with attribution to PAMS and the Pharmacotherapy Area Based Networks.

PAMS is the Pharmacotherapy Advocacy and Mediation Service of HRV. It is a state-wide telephone service funded by the Victorian Department of Health, providing confidential telephone-based information, support, advocacy, referral and mediation for opiate pharmacotherapy consumers and their direct service providers on any pharmacotherapy client related issue in Victoria. PAMS is operated during normal weekday business hours and can be accessed by free call 1800 443 844.

Changing Lanes at Harm reduction Victoria

Tim Griffiths is a pharmacist and manager of the Hume Area Pharmacotherapy network.